Successful Completion of the 1st Sports Conference -Game Changer in Sports

The 1st Sports Conference Game Changer in Sports, organized by 24MEDIA and the communications company Symeon Tsomokos S.A., came to a successful conclusion on Monday 18 April, at the Hilton Athens. More than 300 attendees gained valuable insight into successful case studies concerning sport and its business and marketing aspects, presented by renowned speakers.  The speakers included, Mr. Stavros Kontonis, Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Jordi Bertomeu Orteu, President and CEO of Euroleague, Mr. Jesus Bueno Pascual, Vice President for Europe, Africa & the Middle East, for NBA, Mr. Giannis Panousis, Professor of Criminology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Mr. Panos Papadopoulos, Forthnet CEO, Mr. Nikos Dabizas, Technical Director of OMONIA FC, Mr. Periklis Iakovakis, athletics champion, Mr. Giannis Spanoudakis, BoD member of, as well as Mr. Srdjan Djokovic, father of the tennis  player Novak Djokovic. The main issues discussed during the conference focused on the future of sport, the phenomenon of hooliganism, sport as a necessary tool for sponsorship investment as well as the future of sport as formulated through new media.

Eleni Chatzimitsou, Director of Group Business Development for 24MEDIA stated: “We are particularly proud of the outcome of the 1st Game Changer in Sports conference and we wish to sincerely thank all participants, speakers and coordinators, as well as our big sponsors STOIXIMAN.GR and NOVA for their valuable contribution. We also wish to thank our supporters AMSTEL, GLOBE ONE DIGITAL and SPORTRADAR, the Hilton Athens for hosting the event, the company Podium for its translating services and Digitribe Mediahouse for producing the video material. Finally our warm thanks to media sponsors Novasports and Direction Business Network which supported the 1st sports conference Game Changer in Sports with Adbusiness, and All Star Basket”.

The President of New Democracy Kyriakos Mitsotakis at 24MEDIA

In the context of his official visits to Greek Media, Kyriakos Mitsotakis met with the founder and the executives of 24MEDIA on Wednesday April 6th.
He was received by Mr. Dimitris Maris, Chairman of 24MEDIA, Mr. Stavros Drakoularakos, CEO 24MEDIA, Mr. Pavlos Tsimas, Publishing Advisor & Editor at Large, Huffington Post Greece, Mr. Stamatis Zaharos, Publishing Advisor, 24MEDIA and Mr. Haris Pavlidis, Journalist. 
This was succeeded by an introductory meeting with the directors of the different brands of 24MEDIA and of Sport24 Radio.
The President of New Democracy arrived after 14.00 at the headquarters of 24MEDIA, escorted by the Press Secretary of New Democracy Mr. Giorgos Koumoutsakos MP, and by his chief of staff Mr. Macarios Lazaridis.


24MEDIA Announcement

Investing in the Greek media market is a core strategic choice of 24MEDIA. The independence of such decisions had rendered our company dominant in the Greek digital media market.

The current status of temporary permits for television – but more broadly in the context of many markets in Greece – has affected the Greek public sphere and has led to various problematic situations. My position is that there exists a need to overcome this status through instituting permanent and stable rules and permits.  
The future of Mega Channel interests millions of Greeks who select it to get informed, affects the families of hundreds of employees and, more broadly, has the potential to catalyze the rejuvenation of the Greek media sphere - which is both belated and necessary.

We offer our support to the initiative of Mr. Theocharis Filippopoulos to shape a viable reconstruction plan for Tiletypos A.E. The eventual participation of 24MEDIA in the specific project will be defined by the outcomes of the due diligence process and by the quality of the finalized business plan.

Dimitris Maris
President, 24MEDIA - The new digital magazine by 24MEDIA - The articles worth reading every day

24MEDIA is launching its first digital magazine in the e-market. The theTag (, was created in order to collect on a daily basis, all the articles of the 24MEDIA network which are worth reading. In this way, the reader can be fully and comprehensively informed on current affairs in politics, society, sport, male and female lifestyle and in general on all content sectors.

The meets the needs of a reading audience that has precious little time to read the news, emphasizing on current and significant issues of daily life. It uses Noowit, an innovative information platform which is based on a unique Artificial Intelligence algorithm which can detect the preferences of each reader and then evaluates the news feed, selecting the articles that are most likely to be of interest to each individual

In the you can find material from the sites,,,,,, whilst it is accessible from all devices (Desktop / mobile / tablet).

About noowit and the platform
The new e-magazine, is a worldwide novelty in the field of online publishing. It has been published using the platform by the Greek startup company Noowit, which has been involved in the online information for four years. Their new intelligent platform for online publications introduces a series of novelties. At its center is unique Artificial Intelligence algorithm which can pick up on each reader’s interests and evaluate the news feed accordingly.* Noowit online publications have been designed in such a way so that readers can pleasantly riffle through the pages, scrolling from beginning to end. They do not use annoying banners but pleasing full-page adverts which appear naturally just like in traditional publications. You can find out more about Noowit publications at the address

Panteio Day Project by 24MEDIA and Panteio University - “When ideas become texts”

In the context of the collaboration between 24MEDIA and the Department of Communication, Media, and Culture of the Panteion University of Athens, forty fourth-year students of the AD&PR Lab are taking over the editing  of the texts appearing on the Group’s sites (Huffington Post Greece, News247, Oneman, Ladylike, Sport24 & Contra), on Tuesday 22nd March. Each student of the AD&PR Lab, in the context of the module “Public Relations: The art of storytelling” has suggested a number of topics and has written on one of them as a semester project. The result will be judged by reader’s comments.

The Panteio Day Project was realized for the first time last year, in collaboration with This year all 24MEDIA sites are taking part, offering the opportunity to forty students to familiarize themselves with the operations of our Group’s sites and to fill them with their ideas, thoughts and concerns.

24MEDIA Content Director, Mr. Manos Michalos stated: “We are particularly pleased to be expanding our collaboration with the Panteio University and the Panteio Day Project. It is an honor for us to support such initiatives which will formulate tomorrow’s professionals”.

Assistant Professor and Head of the AD&PR Lab, Ms Betty Tsakarestou stated: “At the AD&PR Lab we combine creativity and hands-on learning with experimentation and the implementation of communication initiatives. Our collaboration with 24MEDIA for a 2nd year, enables students of the module “PR The Αrt and Power of Storytelling”, which we began in 2015 with Nikos Kakoliris and we continue in 2016 with Maria Dimopoulou of Asset Ogilvy PR, to participate in an interesting writing and editing experiment of stories for all of 24MEDIA’s sites in an age when the art of storytelling fundamentally connects communication and journalism. We wish to thank everyone from 24MEDIA and Asset Ogilvy PR for productive, three-day, collaboration”.

*We would like to thank the professors of the Department of Communication, Media, and Culture of the Panteion University, Ms. Betty Tsakarestou, Ms Dimitra Iordanoglou, and Mr. Stavros Kaperonis as well as the executives of Asset Ogilvy PR, Mr. Nikos Kakoliris and Ms Maria Dimopoulou.

Game Changer in Sports - More than 20 speakers at the pinnacle of sports conferences

24MEDIA, in collaboration with the communications company SYMEON G. TSOMOKOS, is organizing the first “Game Changer” conference focusing on sports business and marketing, on 18 April 2016 at the Hilton Athens hotel.
The largest Sports and Sporting Industry conference will be inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Stavros Kontonis.
Participants include more than 20 renowned speakers from the Greek sporting arena, along with the keynote speakers, Mr. Jordi Bertomeu Orteu, President and CEO of Euroleague, and Mr. Jesus Bueno Pascual, Vice President NBA Europe, Africa & Middle East.
The list of confirmed speakers also includes: Mr. Giannis Panousis, Professor at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and former Deputy Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, Mr. Giorgos Mavrotas, member of the Greek Parliament with the party “To Potami”, Mr. Panagiotis Triantopoulos, CEO of KAE Panathinaikos, Mr. Dimitris Michelakis, Head of OTE TV and Mr. Giannis Sorotos, Creative Director, The Newtons Laboratory.
The conference is addressed to everyone who is professionally involved in the sporting industry, advertising companies and sponsors, marketing specialists, athletes, managerial executives of teams and federations, and executives from the media and advertising sectors, as well as to anyone who may not be specifically involved in the sector but wish to gain insight from successful case studies.
For information concerning the agenda and how to participate, please visit In turn for further information you may contact Ms. Gogo Vlachou at, tel. +30 210 728 9000

24MEDIA & Huffington Post Greece: Golden Sponsors of the 2016 Ermis Awards

24MEDIA and HuffPost Greece, for a 4th and 2nd consecutive year respectively, were Golden Sponsors of the Ermis Awards, showing their active support to the advertising sector.

This year’s awards turned out to be a two-day festival with important workshops and seminars by Greek and foreign guests. Amongst the presentations that took place in the context of the day-one seminars, was the presentation by Mr. Stavros Drakoulakos CEO of 24MEDIA, entitled “Media & Technology. What’s around the corner?, whilst the awards were presented on the second day of the event. The former stated during the award ceremony: “By offering its support to the Ermis Awards, 24 MEDIA is investing in market growth, by putting the focus on sector executives and on the results of team work. Being part of this two-day festival which rewards creativity in communication, is a great pleasure for us.  

Mr. Tasos Argyros, Sales Director of HuffPost Greece, stated: “For a 2nd consecutive year, Huffington Post Greece supports the Ermis Awards and rewards effective advertising, thus contributing to the promotion of innovation and creativity in communication”.

delphi economic forum - The traditional publisher no longer exists.

Strategies for Media Reform was a main topic of the first Delphi International Economic Forum. What are the changes that have been brought by the digital age? And how can the media resist the onslaught of the crisis? The necessary modernization, “targeted content”, the new broadcasting map, and objective information. All the above was analyzed by the President of the Greek Online Publishers Association, Founder and Chairman of the 24MEDIA Group, Dimitris Maris.

“The concept of the traditional publisher no longer exists. We should strive for creating 360° corporate organizations”, highlighted Mr. Dimitris Maris during the three-day Delphi International Economic Forum under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic. Together with Theocharis Filippopoulos of Attica Publications, Domna Michailidou (Financial Advisor for OECD) and Fabrizio D’ Angelo (former CEO of  Burda International and Inti Consulting Sagl) they discussed “the day after” for the Media Sector, the dialogue being moderated by the reporter Popi Tsapanidou.

 “The discussion concerning Media Reforms is not just a national concern. There exist international parameters, which are not being taken into account. The media landscape in Greece is unregulated and needs to be regulated. Few media organizations are able to keep up with the innovations related to targeted content. At the same time while there does exists a “system” in Greece, it is not exactly what we imagine it to be. “It is a culture and a modus operandi which we are called upon to overcome”, are the main points on which Mr. Maris’ speech focused. 

Naturally, the speakers focused their interest on the rapid changes taking place on the country’s broadcasting map. “The thematic of this discussion, relates to an issue that has elliptically concerned Greek public opinion. The focus of our discussion must supersede the circumstances of the Greek experience. This is exactly why I used the term “elliptically” just before. Often our dialogue tends to disregard the international context in which it is taking place. In reality, the discussion regarding reforms to the media landscape is one in which the national aspect is obscured by the international aspect, where the political and regulatory aspects become part of the technological one, the force of “creative destruction” and innovation”, Mr. Maris commented.

At the same time, Mr. Maris made reference to the battle given by various media organizations in order to claim a few seconds of consumers’ “advertising attention”. “Initially, if my experience with 24MEDIA in Greece, or my broader involvement in the sector, has taught me anything, it is that the good boundaries between the Media channels – the walls between them – have collapsed. They have been superseded by the developments themselves, by life itself. In the past, in the field of communications, one knew that at an advertising level there had to be a different policy for radio, a different one for television, a different one for the internet, and a different one for newspapers. In reality, now, as citizens we are consumers of the same item of news through different media, which are battling on equal terms for a piece of our attention, for few seconds of our time either on the radio station we listen to in the morning while in the car, or on the internet through our mobile devices via applications, or by surfing the net on our office computers, or on the 20:00 news on television. As media, we are now required to compete with traditional brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola or Apple, for a percentage of a consumer’s available attention.”

In what way can we ultimately achieve the “marriage” between advertising and content with the aim of achieving the best results? And how catalytic is the role of Social Media? “One way is the method of personalization, using a custom-made approach and increased personal targeting of content. For example, during Barak Obama’s 2012 campaign, the Democratic Party’s databases were “married” with data from social media, credit cards banking data, subscribers’ consumer data, and information obtained from campaign volunteers themselves, so as to compile a mapping of the electorate, which dramatically exceeded the information provided by polling results. Media such as the NY Times – via Nate Silver and his algorithms – monitored this development from the very beginning. This discussion is gradually opening up in Europe, as well”, added Mr. Maris, whilst highlighting the need for Greece to be transformed into a laboratory, a creative experiment of a new situation. 

“The Chinese character for “crisis” is expressed by two ideograms combined together, one of which depicts danger and the other opportunity. It is time therefore, for us to begin capitalizing on the opportunity and not to let the crisis go to waste. Although in Greece we often talk about the “system” and the “status quo”, anyone who has managed in actuality to advance in this country, and dare I say in every country, comes to realize that there is no such thing as a “system” in the sense in which those who are outside of the arena imagine it to exist. The system is something else. It is the way in which the leaders of a sector or a country operate, the modus operandi, the rules by which they operate and their culture. And in this sense Greece is in need of an overall change of the system, generally but also specifically with respect to Media Sector. And in fact, immediately.”

Moreover, what we need to realize according to Mr. Maris is that the publisher, in its traditional form, is dead! What does this mean in reality? “In a recent opinion article by Guardian columnist Emily Bell, it was written that the concept of the publisher in its traditional sense is over. It pertains to yesterday. As you understand, by this she did not mean that the process of publishing content is over. She was referring to the degree of freedom that a publisher has over the content managed by its organization. More or less namely, its political influence, a concept with which in Greece we are quite familiar. The most significant decisions however, must be taken at a device level – as is being demonstrated by Apple’s recent judicial battle with regard to the security of its devices – at a carrier level, and even at a platform level. A few days ago, a UK phone company (Three) decided to block ads from all of its webpages viewed by its subscribers. Mobile advertising still only constitutes a small part of the groups’ total revenues; however it is a piece of the pie that is constantly growing. I do not know if this policy will be contested by the relevant EU regulating bodies – it may very well be so – however it gives us a taste of what is really at stake in the sector”.

“We need 360° organizations which can combine the elements of this message, of this experience. Therefore, in this sense, and to the degree to which we are slightly lagging behind in Greece, as a broader Media sector we must listen carefully and bring about a shift. This shift pertains to how we, ourselves, will elect to act in relation to the state. Will we seek a narrow income-focused approach based on old terms of influence? Or will we try to contribute to the construction of a serious institutional framework, consistent with international developments, which will bring about smart regulatory policies for each technological medium? Is the issue here the outcome of the game? Or perhaps is it the setting of healthy rules to a game that is constantly changing, in an arena which is, itself, unstable? Such questions, in my opinion, might prove to be rhetorical”, said Mr. Maris, upon closing his speech.  

Note that on the Saturday morning at the Amalia Hotel, 24MEDIA held an Executive Breakfast for more than 30 speakers/guests of the International Economic Forum. Among other things, Mr. Maris made the following observation: “We are well aware that the old economic model in Greece had collapsed long before the first Memorandum was signed with the IMF and the EU in 2010. That model was rotting from its very foundations as can be demonstrated by the figures of youth unemployment, the brain drain and the gradual extraversion of the economy. The media in fact received the heaviest blow. Traditional media was faced with the dilemma of adapting to a new era or disappearing completely. And all of this is within a framework where technological innovation is moving at breakneck speed, consumers of news are becoming more and more demanding, and whilst the entrepreneurial models of our sector need to be re-written from scratch. In the end Gramsci was right: One can be a pessimist because of intelligence but an optimist because of will. Our country is thirsty for change, nevertheless, the substance of this change remains – to a great degree – vague. Therefore, the challenge we face as a generation is to define this change”.

24MEDIA SEEKS A Project coordinator (submissions closed)

24MEDIA is Greece's largest digital publishing group, managing over 20 premium content brands across different platforms, such as web, mobile and Smart TV, with a total audience of close to 9 million unique browsers per month.

We have a vacancy for a skilled project manager, which is able to coordinate a collaborative team. Responsible for all aspects pertaining to complex conference production.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·        Collaborating with commercial and content to design programs.

·         Coordinating all facilities and vendors.

·         Creating and managing the project budget, including contracts, reimbursements, accounts payable / accounts receivable.

·         Coordinating internal and external resources, including marketing and promotion, communciations & PR, registration and administration, website development, etc.

·         Reporting and post-conference analysis.



·         Bachelor’s degree in Education, Hospitality, Marketing, Business, Communications or related field.

·         Two years’ experience with corporate project management.

·         Excellent oral and written communication skills.

·         Superior organizational skills, with strong attention to detail.

·         Ability to manage all aspects of conference programming, including marketing, negotiation, budgeting, and execution.


·         Experience in the conference or meeting planning industry.

·         Experience in the online media, online advertising, and/or social media marketing.

Submit your CV to quoting Ref.: CC-24M-022015 until the 5th of March


24MEDIA, in collaboration with the communications company SYMEON G. TSOMOKOS, is organizing the first conference entitled “Game Changer”, which deals with sport and its business & marketing aspects, on 18 April 2016, at the Athens Hilton hotel.

Internationally renowned and recognizable personalities from the said sector, will state their opinions on critical issues pertaining to the sporting world, such as development opportunities, as well as the necessary steps that need to be taken by the domestic sporting industry, so that it can reach its full potential. Opportunities in the digital age, funding practices through various case studies, new platforms and channels for communicating with fans as well as the role of data analysis, are some of the issues to be discussed during the conference.

Central speakers at the conference include Mr. Jordi Bertomeu Orteu, President and CEO of Euroleague, as well as Mr. Jesus Bueno Pascual, Vice President for Europe, Africa & the Middle East, for NBA.

Representatives of the Greek sporting world, such as Mr. Giannis Farfarelis, Deputy CEO of EPO, Mr. Leonidas Papavasilakis, Commercial Director of KAE AEK, Mr. Makis Asimakopoulos, General Director of the Athens Classic Marathon, will also participate in other subtopics.

Additional contributions will be made by Ms. Mariela Nisiotaki, Performance Analyst for Swansea, Mr. Michalis Katsibras PRO UEFA coach, Mr. Giannis Spanoudakis, BoD member of Stoiximan and Messrs. Giannis Giannouras, former coach of the Men’s Water Polo National Team, Periklis Iakovakis, Athletics Champion and holder of the 8th place in the Beijing Olympics, Alexandros Gerontikos, Country Manager Greece for Sportradar and Giannis Zarotis, Psychologist – Sports Psychologist. 

The conference concerns all those who are professionally involved in the sporting industry, advertising companies and sponsors, marketing specialists, athletes, managing directors of teams, media and advertising executives and all those who wish to expand their knowledge of the specific sector.

Additional information on the full schedule of the Conference as well aas on how to take part, is available at

For more information please contact Ms. Gogo Vlachou at, tel. 210 728 9000

RECORD NUMBER OF VISITS FOR SPORT24.GR ON SUNDAY 14/02 was the site that fans chose to trust on Sunday 14/02 so as to be informed and get all updates on the match between AEK – Olympiakos, reaching a record number of visits.

Already the No. 1 digital sports news destination, with a 10-year presence and a continuous upward trend, it made its own personal record of visits on Sunday 14 February, with 558,014* unique visitors  in one day. On the same day, recorded 3,219,216 pageviews with 48.5% of the visits, originating from mobile devices (smartphones & Tablets).
With a rich journalistic coverage of the match (desktop, tablet, mobile), constant updates by an experienced team of reporters, and audiovisual coverage, SPORT24 was there to bring to you what was happening on and off the field.

The emphasis on premium content, the coverage, the analysis of events, and well-documented opinions, as well as the pioneering Live blog and Live match platforms in combination with the particularly popular mobile application and multi-membered team of experienced reporters, once again managed to win over the fans, who chose Sport24 for their information. 

Manos Michalos, 24MEDIA Content Director, stated:
“During yet another significant footballing event, ensured objective coverage, instant updating, and “clean” uninfluenced commentary. All reporters responded fully to their reporting obligations and won the audience’s trust yet again, during a match than was particularly hard, especially off the field.”

*Source: ΑΤ Internet/ February 2016


“We offer love in the battle against child cancer”

The love initiative by 24MEDIA in collaboration with “Follow me now” continues for a 5th consecutive year in the framework of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility actions.

The auctions commenced on Monday 15th February, the International Childhood Cancer Day, via the site The initiative is being promoted by, Sport24 Radio 103,3 &, whilst is a main supporter.

Collectable sporting items belonging to teams and athletes loved by Greek sporting fans, are being auctioned for one week and the proceeds will go towards supporting the organization “FLOGA” in its battle against child cancer.

Football shirts from all major teams, personal belongings of some of the greatest names in Greek basketball as well as symbolic items from major European teams are to be auctioned during the initiative which will be concluded on Friday 19 February. We mention indicatively items belonging to: Prindezis, Diamandidis, Kalathis, Roberto, Steele, Barcelona, Locomotive, CSKA and many other teams and athletes.

Manos Michalos, 24MEDIA Content Director, stated:

“It is a great pleasure and a great honor for all of us at 24MEDIA to contribute and to help, with all means at our disposal, our fellow humans and most importantly children in need. This year we are organizing the “Love Auctions” for the 5th consecutive year. Top athletes and teams have joined forces with us and offer their belongings for the benefit of the children in Floga, who are suffering from cancer. In this battle we offer love.”

We wish to thank NBA and Euroleague as well as: PAE Olympiakos, PAE Panathinaikos, PAE PAOK, PAE AEK, KAE Olympiakos, KAE Panathinaikos and KAE AEK for their kind support and the donation of items to be auctioned.