24MEDIA Announcement

Investing in the Greek media market is a core strategic choice of 24MEDIA. The independence of such decisions had rendered our company dominant in the Greek digital media market.

The current status of temporary permits for television – but more broadly in the context of many markets in Greece – has affected the Greek public sphere and has led to various problematic situations. My position is that there exists a need to overcome this status through instituting permanent and stable rules and permits.  
The future of Mega Channel interests millions of Greeks who select it to get informed, affects the families of hundreds of employees and, more broadly, has the potential to catalyze the rejuvenation of the Greek media sphere - which is both belated and necessary.

We offer our support to the initiative of Mr. Theocharis Filippopoulos to shape a viable reconstruction plan for Tiletypos A.E. The eventual participation of 24MEDIA in the specific project will be defined by the outcomes of the due diligence process and by the quality of the finalized business plan.

Dimitris Maris
President, 24MEDIA