- The new digital magazine by 24MEDIA - The articles worth reading every day

24MEDIA is launching its first digital magazine in the e-market. The theTag (, was created in order to collect on a daily basis, all the articles of the 24MEDIA network which are worth reading. In this way, the reader can be fully and comprehensively informed on current affairs in politics, society, sport, male and female lifestyle and in general on all content sectors.

The meets the needs of a reading audience that has precious little time to read the news, emphasizing on current and significant issues of daily life. It uses Noowit, an innovative information platform which is based on a unique Artificial Intelligence algorithm which can detect the preferences of each reader and then evaluates the news feed, selecting the articles that are most likely to be of interest to each individual

In the you can find material from the sites,,,,,, whilst it is accessible from all devices (Desktop / mobile / tablet).

About noowit and the platform
The new e-magazine, is a worldwide novelty in the field of online publishing. It has been published using the platform by the Greek startup company Noowit, which has been involved in the online information for four years. Their new intelligent platform for online publications introduces a series of novelties. At its center is unique Artificial Intelligence algorithm which can pick up on each reader’s interests and evaluate the news feed accordingly.* Noowit online publications have been designed in such a way so that readers can pleasantly riffle through the pages, scrolling from beginning to end. They do not use annoying banners but pleasing full-page adverts which appear naturally just like in traditional publications. You can find out more about Noowit publications at the address