Digital Brands

Sport24, News 24/7, Contra, NBA, Oneman, Ladylike...

From Sport24, the leading sports portal (exclusive home of the NBA), Contra, the most exciting digital sports magazine, 24MEDIA is covering men of all ages in numbers. BetBlog is covering all betting info needs of our readers. Beyond sports, men’s information and entertainment needs are met with Oneman,  the most popular digital magazine in the greek market. Within 2016, 24MEDIA launched PopCode, a microsite dedicated to pop culture with various topics regarding cinema, movies, music, games, theater and comics. The result? More than 80% of Greek male internet users are using 24MEDIA's properties to access quality content at a daily level.

No content palette would be complete without a major brand to cover general interest news and information: News 24/7 is a leading news portal, designed to cater for the younger demographic with an emphasis on live coverage, multimedia and social media engagement.

Other brands include Deltiokairou, an innovative service that provides accurate weather predictions almost at neighborhood level as well as TechGear, MacUser, DPGR and iPhoneHellas that cover all aspects of consumer technology.

Female interests are also distinctly catered for, notably through Ladylike, a leading portal in Greece which provides daily a unique blend of news and features.