With the formal launch of Ηuffington Post Greece imminent, 24MEDIA, media partner in Greece, has announced the Executive Editorial Team.

Sophia Papaioannou is appointed as Editorial Director. A highly respected journalist, currently presenting the weekly show “360 degrees” on ALPHA TV, she has studied journalism in NYU and has also worked as an editor in chief and co-host of popular investigative journalism TV shows, for 13 years. Sophia has travelled around the world, securing exclusive interviews on major issues of Greek interest. She published her book “Hidden in the Aegean” in 2011.

Nikos Agouros, until recently was Managing Editor of the premium monthly magazine VIMAmen, will be Εditor in Chief and Pavlos Tsimas, a renowned political journalist with a 35 year career in print and broadcast media, is appointed as Contributing Editor.

The Huffington Post is a combination of a platform where people both known and unknown with something interesting to say can say it, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalistic enterprise with investigative reporters all around the world. Huffington Post Greece will produce original reported stories, curate the best of the Internet, and connect readers to great sources from around the web. The Executive Team will focus on investigative field journalism and will initially work with a team of 20 journalists that will produce original news content in different forms (reportages, videos, opinions, blogs etc), according to the specifications that have made Huffington Post an example of digital information. Mr. Dimitris Maris, President of the BoD of 24MEDIA and shareholder of Huffington Post Greece, commented: «The Ηuffington Post Greece senior editorial team shares a common feature that underlines our purpose: focusing on investigative journalism and creating quality original content. We firmly believe that the groundbreaking Huffington Post model will be very successful in Greece as well and we are very much looking forward to its launch in the next few days».


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