The Greek edition of The Huffington Post was launched today, opening a new window of international news dissemination and Greek news reporting, as the latest version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning source of breaking news and entertainment.
The Huffington Post Greece leverages the reach of a truly unique and highly innovative global media brand, daily embedding and distributing Greek news reports to the world, thus combining news updates with posts of readers’ thoughts and opinions.
The Huffington Post is a combination of a platform where people both known and unknown with something interesting to say can say it, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalistic enterprise with investigative reporters all around the world. Huffington Post Greece will produce original reported stories, curate the best of the Internet, and connect readers to great sources from around the web.
In the press event that was held in the New Acropolis Museum the CEO of  24Μedia, media partner in Greece Mr. Stavros Drakoularakos noted that The Huffington Post in Greece is a highlight of the Group`s extroversion and analyzed the way that the network of Huffington Post editions` across the globe works thus enhancing the diffusion of news of Greek interest to the world.
In an open discussion with the Chairman of the Board of IAB Europe Constantine Kamaras and the Founder, President  and Editor in Chief of Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington followed in front of an audience of not only journalists but  students from the University of Athens. Arianna Huffington deeply moved expressed her gratitude for returning in Greece and regarding The Huffington Post Greece noted " the positive awakening of Greece will be distributed worldwide through our network"  
Mr. Dimitris Maris, President of the BoD of 24MEDIA and among the shareholders of Huffington Post Greece, on the occasion of the launch stated commented « Ηuffington Post Greece is a platform that is not a passive transmitter of news but an active receiver of what society has to say. It neither has a left, centre or right approach nor pretends that there are two sides in every story and truth is in the middle. We will present all aspects but Huffington Post Greece will have a say and will be vocal and clear about it no matter how disturbing this might be to some.  

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