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The Greek edition of Huffington Post will be launched on November 20, 2014, opening a new window of international news broadcasting and Greek news reporting, as the latest version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning source of breaking news and entertainment.

The Greek portal of Huffington Post is created with the cooperation of Ms. Marianna Latsis, Mr. Petros Pappas, Ms. Eugenia Chandris and Mr. Dimitris Maris. 24MEDIA, the largest digital media publisher in Greece, is the media partner to which America On Line (AOL) has trusted this pioneering project in Greece.

In a joint statement, the factors of this business effort noted that “we believe that the digital economy is now – and will be even more in the future – one of the major pillars of the development of the economy and entrepreneurial initiatives in Greece. We wish to actively support investments toward that direction and without a doubt, Huffington Post Greece is an excellent example of an innovative business venture and proof of the extroversion our country should have in the future.”

Huffington Post Greece is the third international edition to be announced in the past month, with Huffington Post India slated to debut in November 2014 and Huffington Post Arabic in January 2015, thus covering 14 countries.

Huffington Post Greece leverages the reach of a truly unique and highly innovative global media brand, daily embedding and exporting Greek news reports to the world, thus combining news updates with posts of readers’ thoughts and opinions with impartiality at the core.


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