Love Auctions 2017 were completed with record participation

“Thank you for supporting “Syllogos Frodida”

For a sixth consecutive year, 24MEDIA and the communication company “Follow me now” have concluded the “Love Auctions”, with gestrure of care that has surpassed all expectations. The auctions began on Monday 20 March via the website and Sport24 Radio 103,3, and lasted a week in total (20-24/3/2017).

During this time a total of 40 items were auctioned (collector’s kits from all the large clubs, personal objects belonging to leading figures in Greek sport but also coveted items from large European clubs) and with the help of the public the amount of 12.000€ was raised. All the money from the auctions will be donated to the Association “Frodida” for the assistance and support of individuals with cerebral palsy, mental retardation and Down syndrome. 

SPORT24 RADIO 103,3 was yet again the protagonist by promoting the action which was also highlighted by 24MEDIA’s other two sport brands & το

Grigoris Batis, Content Manager of 24MEDIA stated: 
“Love Auctions” have been established in the public’s conscience as a significant giving gesture and this was reflected in 2017 too, through the great response we received. The said success and the great participation of 24MEDIA readers and listeners gives us inexpressible joy proving to us that even during these hard times the public’s sense of solidarity and  charity is easily appealed to.
As for us, all we can do is extend our warmest thanks to all those who helped raise this unexpected amount for “Frodida” and to those who donated objects for the cause. The motive of giving to all those in need is for us at 24MEDIA the most important thing of all.