The New York Times’ “T- Brand Studio” at the Game Changer in Digital Marketing

T Brand Studio is the New York Times’ award-winning brand marketing studio. They create digital experiences for their customers with content oriented towards a high-level audience. At the Game Changer in Digital Marketing conference, Nelly Gocheva will present the trends in native advertising and branded content through her work as Global Editor for the top publisher in the world.

The “Game Changer in Digital Marketing” conference will be held on Wednesday 5 October 2016 at the Central Stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens by 24MEDIA, the largest digital media network in Greece, in collaboration with the strategic communication company Symeon G. Tsomokos SA.

Renowned speakers from Greece and abroad will offer an integrated and contemporary approach to digital marketing, including all tools and media and how they can be combined and incorporated into a company’s overall targets and strategy. Further information on the full schedule of the Conference, the issues to be discussed and how to participate are available at

The event is sponsored by WIND and supported by TEMPO OMD HELLAS, GLOBE ONE DIGITAL, BCA, ATHENS TECH. AEGEAN is the event’s official carrier.

Media Sponsors for the conference are Direction Business Network with AdBusiness, Business Today, Α, Β and Huffington Post Greece.

The Game Changer in Digital Marketing conference is held under the auspices of: GRECA, EDEE, EEDE, ENED, IAB, SDE. Members of those organizations are entitled to a 20% discount.

For any further information please contact Ms. Gogo  Vlachou at, tel. 210 728 9000