Alibaba to present at the “Game Changer in Digital Marketing” Conference

On Wednesday 5 October 2016 the first “Game Changer” conference, entitled “Digital Marketing” is to be held at the Onassis Cultural Centre.

The already impressive list of speakers and digital marketing experts from Greece and abroad, now includes Olga Amangeldyeva, Head of Business Development Department at Alibaba Mobile, Alibaba Group and Head of Marketing at Alibaba Mobile Business Group. Both these Alibaba top executives will present the company strategy and will share with participants extremely useful experience and know-how for marketing and internet professionals.

Game Changer in Digital Marketing is the second in a series of international conferences organized by 24MEDIA, the largest digital media network in Greece, in collaboration with the strategic communication company Symeon G. Tssomokos S.A. For the detailed conference schedule and registration information please visit the website:

The event is sponsored by WIND supported by the participation of TEMPO OMD HELLAS and GLOBE ONE DIGITAL. AEGEAN is the event’s official carrier.

The Media Sponsors for the conference are Direction Business Network with AdBusiness, Business Today, Α, Β and Huffington Post Greece.

The Game Changer in Digital Marketing conference is under the auspices of: GRECA, EDEE, EEDE, ENED, IAB, SDE. Members of the aforementioned organizations are eligible for a 20% discount.