The website “Mixani tou Xronou” joins the 24MEDIA network

In the framework of its growth, and as of 1st June 2016, 24MEDIA is expanding its cooperation with the site which comes to further enhance the Group’s network with a particularly strong news brand.

Mixani tou Xronou”, directed by Christos Vasilopoulos and Dimitris Petropoulos, is an informational site which reports on significant past events, presents unknown aspects of the lives of persons whose works and days it is worth getting to know, with emphasis on figures from history and civilization. To date, the journalistic team has made and presented more than 250 TV documentaries. They have been awarded the Botsi Institute award for the promotion of journalism and in Cyprus the program has twice been pronounce best television show. On the internet the aim is to provide original journalistic content and reports on a 24-hour basis without time or geographical restrictions. During the two years of its operation it has gained the trust of a large and dynamic audience.

Stavros Drakoularakos, CEO of 24MEDIA stated: “It is a special and unique pleasure each time we welcome a new brand to the large 24MEDIA family. Especially if it is something so familiar, cherished and journalistically trustworthy like Mixani tou Xronou. We grow and develop using the best elements and always taking into account the interests of our readers”.

The publishers of Ch. Vasilopoulos and D. Petropoulos are pleased about the partnership with 24MEDIA which they consider to be a significant factor for the further advancement of their informational endeavor.