Cooperation between Athens Tech College and 24MEDIA

The technical college Athens Tech College, created by BCA College and the multinational company Intracom Holdings, and the digital Media and technology company 24MEDIA have announced the commencement of their cooperation, at a Press Conference held on Tuesday 6 September at the Electra Palace Hotel in Athens.

Athens Tech is the result of a collaboration between leading companies in the technology sector and the academic community. Its aim is to produce fully trained and highly sought after executives in the sector of IT and new technologies. According to recent research, professions pertaining to the development of IT applications are included in the list of most popular professions in the modern labor market.

Mr. Petros Kokkalis, President of Athens Tech, opened the press conference with a greeting, whilst Messrs. Charis Daskalakis, CEO of the BCA College, Chrysostomos Sfatos, Corporate Affairs for the INTRACOM Group and Stavros Drakoularakos, CEO of 24MEDIA, presented the new business partnership and their future plans.

Mr. Charis Daskalakis stated: “The objective of education is that it moves parallel to the needs of the real economy. At Athens Tech we offer courses in the most highly demanded specialties related to the science of computers, specialties which are in great demand in the labor market. At the same time, we have ensured that our students have the opportunity to study at one of the leading institutes worldwide, the University of Sheffield, in Athens. It is the first time in Greece that an academic institution, BCA College, collaborates with two leading companies in their sector, the multinational Intracom and the top digital media company, 24MEDIA.

Mr. Chrysostomos Sfatos, stated: “For the past 40 years, the INTRACOM Group has pioneered in technological innovation and has invested in knowledge and research. We are very excited to be participating in this endeavor which will offer opportunities for developing skills and cultivating entrepreneurship at a critical turning point for our country. Being a large multinational technological Group, we provide experience, opportunities for future employment and hands-on specialization to talented Greek youths and we believe that the combination with the experience of 24MEDIA and BCA, offers significant synergies with regard to the success of the endeavor.

Mr. Stavros Drakoularakos stated: “In the context of its constant development, 24MEDIA has taken a decisive step into the field of technological education, by proceeding with a benchmark partnership with Athens Tech. In this way we welcome yet another brand to our portfolio, whilst at the same time expanding the range of our activities. We aim to assist the effort by Athens Tech to formulate the executives of tomorrow in the sector of IT and technological entrepreneurship, adding extroversion and targeted knowhow to the endeavor.