24MEDIA’s flagship site,, is celebrating its Ten Year anniversary with a series of activities that will take place from the 1st to 14th of September in honor of the dozens of people whose efforts made the Number One sports site in Greece.

A special anniversary logo was created in blue and gold. Special articles and celebratory tributes are being published. A short documentary featuring the team members who started this idea and the executives who play a key role in its success has been released. These activities tell the story of the Number One sports site, relive memorable moments, and detail the recipe of success that has earned the "gold star" on its commemorative jersey. 

Additionally, Sport24 Radio 103,3 - the first sports radio station to arise from a digital brand – will broadcast four Anniversary Programs (10:00-12:00p.m. starting September 1st and ending September 13th) featuring "surprise" guests and super gifts for listeners in appreciation of their support of over the past ten years.

Send your best wishes to using the hashtag #10XroniaSport24 !