Native advertising and content marketing projects… coverage of major sports events… compelling interviews, life and culture productions… premium live web sports broadcasts… When it comes to 24MEDIA video productions, one play is not enough.

24MEDIA, the largest Digital Media Group in Greece, is expanding its original video production, raising the bar for premium video content standards.


Creativity and quality are key ingredients for a successful video, but these tools fall short without the right people. 24MEDIA’s experienced Content & Audience Development Team plays a key role in the video production process, creating, directing, and monitoring each production with the goal of producing trend-setting content. 

An integral part of the production process includes the 24MEDIA sites, themselves, which provide new ideas at production stage, balancing the needs of their readers with the message of each campaign.

24MEDIA’s premium local and global brands provide the ideal environment for native advertising efforts which compliment, rather than disrupt the user experience. Videos are produced to engage users with interesting editorial content, photos, contests, interviews, themed specials, and even life experiences of the content creators. 

The videos are produced with the highest standards ensured by 24MEDIA and its network of partners, which pool editorial and production expertise to create a flexible, native-friendly environment that puts the user experience first.

And just wait to see what’s coming next…!