New design and philosophy


After 18 successful years in the Greek market, the historical sports site of 24MEDIA,, redesigned and acquired a new outline, a new logo and a completely new philosophy and content strategy. This movement deepens the change of identity and direction that has already begun in order to offer to Greek public the opportunity to read sports news differently. readers will have the opportunity to enjoy premium content, analysis of sport news, interviews and stories of the sports headliners, but also new columns.

New centre of gravity is every contemporary man who loves sports, has international references and sports culture. Topics such as fitness, fashion, grooming, pop culture and the pioneering for Greece podcasts, are added to the variety of articles of the new aspires to become a modern sports site with a lifestyle character, with more well written articles, giving emphasis on image and rich media. One site even more appealing to readers and with an absolutely premium audience and environment for advertisers, using the most advanced ways of promoting and advertising and with leading parts, branded content and native advertising.

Visit the new and discover the sports news differently.