24MEDIA organised a charity bazaar in partnership with Equal Society


24MEDIA, in the context of social awareness, supports the valuable work of Equal Society and organised a Christmas bazaar in its offices on Wednesday, December 19th. At the bazaar, handmade products from the theatrical homeless group «Walkabout» were made available.

With festive and happy mood, 24MEDIA employees participated in the Christmas bazaar and supported the work of the Equal Society. Revenues from the charity bazaar will be made available for the needs of the Human Meal and the «Walkabout» Theatrical Group.

The Equal Society homeless home theater group «Walkabout” began its journey about a year ago and is the only theater group in Greece, made up of our fellow citizens, whose circumstances have led to homelessness and social marginalization. This initiative was launched at Equal Society's «Human Meals» section as members of the theatrical group take advantage of the equipment. Wanting to enhance the body structure and the theatrical group itself, in collaboration with volunteers create handmade products such as candles, mugs, charms, etc.