Panteio Day Project by 24MEDIA and Panteion University


“When ideas become texts”

For the third consecutive year, 24MEDIA and Panteion University present the Panteio Day Project, where students of the Advertising and Public Relations Laboratory (#ADandPRLAB) of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the operations of Group’s media and to produce branded content for 24MEDIA's site.

This year’s Panteio Day Project, 70 AD & PR Lab students were found for a full day at 24MEDIA House. There, they took briefs from 8 brands and they started to create content for them at 24MEDIA group sites (News 24/7, HuffPost Greece, Ladylike, Oneman, Sport24 & Contra).

Panteio Day Project will take place on Wednesday, 10th of October, and readers will be able to access students' texts through the Panteio Day page.

Christos Chatziioannou, Head of Native & Branded Content at 24MEDIA, stated: “We are particularly pleased to see young children dive deep and respond in an exceptional way to the demands of such ventures. Students of this lab represent people with whom we will work in the upcoming years. It is no coincidence that too many graduates of this workshop are now colleagues or even competitors in the commercial market. 24MEDIA will always be proud of such innovative initiatives that link education to the actual market”.

Assistant Professor and Head of the AD&PR Lab, Mrs Betty Tsakarestou stated: “We are particularly pleased with the collaboration between #ADandPRLAB of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University and Mr. Christos Chatziioannou, Head of Native & Branded Content 24MEDIA, in the implementation of the 3rd "Panteio Day Project", an innovative initiative aiming at the education of our students, all of the dynamic Millennials, emerging talents in communication and startup entrepreneurship, in producing quality Native / Branded content based on the creative challenges they have received from the collaborating brands. In #ADandPRLAB we associate learning-experimentation-co-creation with the market and with society. We are already preparing the new native / branded Panteio Day 2019 with the principles of design and immersive storytelling.