Ladylike takes off with 944.796 unique visitors

24MEDIA’s website for women was on an upward course for the month of April, with a record number of 944.796 unique visitors according to official AT Internet data. reached 3rd place according to the figures of the Greek Online Publisher’s Association (ENED) based on visits, out of all other sites with woman-related content included in the count. More specifically the 24MEDIA group brand managed to increase its page views by 62.3% and its unique visitors by 50.4% compared to January 2016, according to AT Internet data*.

Marilou Repapi, Director of Female Content of 24MEDIA stated: “We are extremely proud and pleased with Ladylike’s upward trend and intend to continue dynamically for even greater success. Congratulations to the entire Ladylike reporting team”.

*Source: AT Internet January- April 2016