The biggest Digital Media network in Greece, presents its new visual identity, the flower.

The renewed logo does not only constitute the company’s commercial trademark but, having been transformed into a symbol, it incorporates the entire philosophy of the company.

24media_logo_color-02 (1).jpg

Stavros Drakoularakos, CEO of the 24MEDIA Group, stated:
“We are very pleased with our new symbol. It was selected for its colors, its vitality and its optimism and it symbolizes our versatility and our multileveled activity. It highlights our Group’s care and attention towards all of its brands, since each one is connected with the other, creating the dream to which the Group aspires.

The flower constitutes the most significant renewal of our corporate identity from the day we were introduced to the market whilst at the same time it signifies the beginning of a new direction for the Group’s  products and services”.

The logo and the new visual identity of 24MEDIA are the result of the creative collaboration between our marketing department and Another Circus.