CONTRA.GR MAKES RECORD TRAFFIC NUMBERS IN SEPTEMBER made record traffic numbers in September, attesting to the continuous upward trend in the distinguished digital sports news brand’s performance, with more than 2.2 million unique users.

With dynamic opinions, in depth analysis and original news content, plus years of proven journalistic experience and integrity, more and more young readers are selecting for their source of sports information.

In September, Contra recorded 2.204.547* unique visitors and 36.194.582* page views

Pantelis Vlachopoulos, Editor in Chief of stated, “The record traffic numbers are not an end in themselves but they are a reward for the hard work contributed by all the members of the editorial team from April 2014 to today. Over the past 17 months the team has improved its strategy and has been working daily to produce analytic and reliable original content that provides substance and perspective to our readers. We will continue with professionalism, commitment and passion to make the best it can be.”

*ΑΤ Ιnternet, September 2015