Greek Football Cup Final - Live Coverage in SuperBALL

Cup Finals are a celebration and in football we celebrate with SuperBALL

Fifteen reporters and all the editorial team of the two leading sport sites, and will cover live the great match between Panathinaikos and PAOK, reporting what will happen before, during and after the final.

The live web TV sports show begins with the pregame at 15:00. Minute by minute  coverage of the PAOK fans journey, live streaming from the National Highway, Maroussi , and all the details for Panathinaikos fans, images from the arrivals of the teams, special guests invited to the studio, LIVE streaming and much more. 

The SuperBALL editorial team will transfer the climate hours before the big showdown, the lineups of both teams, reports and predictions for the winner. After the match, the show will continue with all reports, statements, videos from winners and losers, award ceremony and live fan comments on the match.