New Video Views Record for "SUPERBALL"

New video views record for the live WEB TV sports show «Super Ball» during the second consecutive season of its presence, now exceeding more than 2.000.000 video views.

The show is sponsored by NOVA and is a co-production of and, in partnership with the video platform of Dailymotion.

«SUPERBALL» continues to maintain an impressive average engagement time of approximately 51 minutes per user.

The most recent show, of September 15th 2013 recorded 86,731 total video views and 3,950 concurrent users, with 1,087 comments and questions posted during the show.

During "the poll of the day" 12.558 users in total casted their vote. Antonis Nikopolidis was present in the studio,  while the interview of Miroslav Stoch was also a great success.