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24MEDIA is Greece's leading and fastest-growing publishing group, managing premium brands that connect and engage with users across different platforms.  Its total audience exceeds 11 million Unique Browsers per month that spend 6.204.546 hours interacting with its content, viewing 183.329.034 pages (Source : AT Internet / OJD / ENED Greece).  The brands of 24MEDIA have more than 2.700.000 social media followers.

24MEDIA is producing and distributing high-value digital journalism whilst continuously innovating in brand advertising, providing innovative and effective communications solutions to clients and partners. We invest in people and technology while placing central focus on the diversity of our brands, delivery platforms and tools for our users and advertisers. 

24MEDIA created Game Changer Conferences, a new business unit, in collaboration with the specialist communication agency Symeon G Tsomokos S.A. Game Changer is the flagship of 24MEDIA Conferences. The premium Game Changer Conferences, aim to become established as the top annual events, with a different subject each time: Sports, Digital Marketing, Women of Influence & Digital Growth. Participants have the opportunity to receive inspiration from the speeches in each conference and come away with new ideas to be implemented, each in their sector of activity, and helps with networking between participants.

The newspaper “Ethnos” is back in circulation, as of Saturday 16 September, after its management was taken over by 24MEDIA. The historical publication, founded in 1913, and following two distinct publishing periods, returns with a daily edition (Monday – Saturday), a new logo and renewed design and rich content. The weekend edition which launches the re-publication of the “Ethnos” will be rich in content with 80 pages, whilst on other days it will have 48 pages, aiming to become a contemporary newspaper based on the journalistic and publishing principles originating from the era when the Press was flourishing and during which the “Ethnos” played a leading role through by reporting on political and social news.