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24MEDIA chooses the ad technology of ADTECH

24MEDIA, the largest digital publishing group in Greece, chooses ADTECH as the technological solution in ad serving and in management of advertising space.

This is the second important innovation that the 24MEDIA group announces in the last 3 months, following its strategic partnership with the audience targeting platform.

Fragiskos Monogios, Commercial Director of 24MEDIA stated:

"The digital Market is developing rapidly and 24MEDIA should, as the leading Digital Publisher, become the first group in the Greek market to take it to the next step of advertising technology. We chose ADTECH as it consists a complete Ad -serving solution that covers all creative possibilities and distribution channels like Video, Mobile, Rich Media and Programmatic Trading (real time bidding) etc.

With ADTECH we are upgrading our offered services to advertisers and agencies, being able to use our inventory in the most effective way, applying innovative solutions such as’s advanced audience targeting. An important factor in choosing ADTECH has been the fact that ADWEB is their representative in the Greek market and provides the highest level of support and understanding of the market and its special characteristics."