The newspaper “Ethnos” is back in circulation by 24MEDIA

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The newspaper “Ethnos” is back in circulation, as of Saturday 16 September, after its management was taken over by 24MEDIA. The historical publication, founded in 1913, and following two distinct publishing periods, returns with a daily edition (Monday – Saturday), a new logo and renewed design and rich content.

Traianos Chatzidimitriou shall be the General Director, Manos Chorianopoulos, founding member of News 24/7, shall undertake directorship of the “Ethnos”, with Editors-in-Chief Vangelis Delipetros and Kostas Sarrikostas and Babis Papadakis as Consultant Editor.

Tassos Argyros, Commercial Director of 24MEDIA will be responsible for the Commercial Directorship, Alexis Valourdos for the Production Division whilst the Content Advisor for the entire edition of the historical publication is 24MEDIA’s Director of Content, Manos Michalos.

The weekend edition which launches the re-publication of the “Ethnos” will be rich in content with 80 pages, whilst on other days it will have 48 pages, aiming to become a contemporary newspaper based on the journalistic and publishing principles originating from the era when the Press was flourishing and during which the “Ethnos” played a leading role through by reporting on political and social news.

24MEDIA on a mission to Uganda together with ActionAid Hellas

In the context of 24MEDIA’s social awareness campaign, a 5-day trip to Uganda took place with the aim of supporting the work of ActionAid Hellas. During the trip 45 foster parents, including 24MEDIA’s Christos Chatziioannou and the photographer Nikolas Mastoras, were responsible for completing the project that had been started last year by ActionAid Hellas in the area, and involved the support of the community’s educational institutions.

In order to record the participation of 24MEDIA in the ActionAid Hellas mission, a daily reporting blog was set up on, under the category “Tales from Uganda”, with the aim of sharing with the Greek public the extensive work by ActionAid in the area as well as the way of life of the people of this African country through a series of articles and photographs. 24MEDIA’S support towards ActionAid Hellas, doesnot stop here since further content is to be created throughout the Group’s network and there is to be participation in future initiatives too.

Christos Chatziioannou, Head of Native & Branded Content for 24MEDIA stated “Our role is to support and make known the invaluable work offered by Action Aid all over the world. The specific mission was literally a life-changing experience for all the foster parents who found ourselves at the village of Galagala. The content we are producing as a result of the trip is our way of saying thank you to ActionAidd Hellas so that their action may find support from even more members of our society".

Dimitris Maris, President of 24MEDIA, attends the Northern Light Summit

Mr. Dimitris Maris, Chairman of the BoD of the Greek Online Publishers Association (ΕΝΕD) and President of the 24MEDIA Group, accompanied by the Group’s CEO Mr. Stavros Drakoularakos, participated as one of the approximately 100 invitees, in the Northern Light Summit, European Business Leaders Convention (EBLC), held in Helsinki, Finland, between 29 June 2017 and 2 July 2017.

The Northern Light Summit, constitutes one of the most significant international forums at which issues pertaining to international politics and economic circumstances are discussed. This year’s conference was entitled “The New World Disorder: How to save open societies and free markets?”. A variety of issues were discussed concerning among others, the effects of Brexit, the new European economic architecture after the election of Macron, the effects of Artificial Intelligence in the job market and digital growth. There were also held targeted discussions on China, Russia, US-EU relationships, as well as an analysis of the Finnish Productivity Model.

Other participants included Carl Bildt (former Prime Minister of Sweden), Esko Aho (former Prime Minister of Finland), Alexander Stubb (former Prime Minister of Finland),  Lord Mervyn King (former Governor of the Bank of England), Rajeev Suri (CEO Nokia), Joe Kaeser (CEO Siemens), Klaus Mangold (Chairman of the Supervisory Board, TUI) Gideon Rachman (Foreign Affairs Correspondent FT), Alexey Mordashov (Chairman Severstal), Johannes Teyssen (Chairman and CEO EO.N),  Sari Baldauf (Chairman Fortum), Casper von Koskull (CEO Nordea), Robin Nibblett (Director Chatham House), and Marianne Vikkula (CEO Slush).

Silver award for PopCode at the IAB MIXX Awards 2017

PopCode, the ultimate brand on pop culture came away with a silver award at the IAB MIXX Awards 2017, in the “Brand Awareness & Positioning” category.

Framed by a specialized team of collaborators, headed by Thodoris Dimitropoulos, PopCode gives daily insight on pop culture, with primary content, interviews by internationally known personalities of the industry, analysis and live reports form the world’s largest festivals. Its main topics revolve around TV, Cinema, Music, Games, Print and Theater.

Manos Michalos, Director of Content for 24MEDIA, stated: “We are particularly pleased with and proud of PopCode since, from the first year of its operation it has managed to attract an audience and stand out with its quality content. The exceptional result is due to its modern topics, our love and respect towards pop culture, its mobile-first design and a clean environment for readers and advertisers”.

24MEDIA at the SOS Children’s Villages

In the context of its social awareness actions, 24MEDIA employees did voluntary work on Tuesday 20 June, at the SOS Children’s Villages in Vari, in an attempt to improve the daily lives of children in need.

With the fervent participation of volunteer employees the external facilities of the SOS Children’s Villages were painted for the benefit of the children who are hosted at the organization’s central facilities.

Panos Velachoutakos, HR Manager of 24MEDIA stated: “This voluntary work action is part of the company’s SAA and its support of the SOS Children’s Villages. We are extremely pleased with the volunteer work we offered and we are continuing our actions with a blood donation that is to be held for a second time in this year.” 

A record number of visitors for the 24MEDIA Group

With 11.670.580 Unique Browsers and a series of records, 24MEDIA is the top digital publisher for the month of May

In the past month the 24MEDIA brands boasted a new record number of visitors firmly positioning the Group in the top position among digital publishers with 183.956.767* page views. the Νο1sports brand also broke its own record number of visitors in its 12-year presence, reaching 5.009.447* UB, a 14.1% increase compared to last May. In the meantime Sport24 Radio continues to gain popularity amongst listeners. also recorded a record number of visitors with a 14.1% increase in unique browsers (2.497.328* UB) compared to the previous month.

The Group’s current affairs brand, News 24/7 is also on an upward trend with a new record of 3.809.301* UB and 33.359.868* page views for the month of May. During the same period there was launched the new current affairs radio station “Radio 24/7” at 88.6 FM, which has made the best impression during the first days of its operation based on its diverse informative and musical program.

The Group’s female brand continues to dominate its category with an increase of 34.1% (1.550.857* UB) compared to last May. A corresponding increase can be observed with regard to the top male brand, (1.802.993* UB) compared to last year.
Manos Michalos, Director of Content for 24MEDIA stated:
“The new record for the 24MEDIA Group for May 2017 is the result of the exceptional performance by our brands throughout the previous period. Our aim is to keep the Group on an upward trend, always taking into consideration our reading audience and aiming for high-quality, accurate and primary content creating a fully friendly environment for advertisers".

*AT Internet: May 2017

’87 – Nothing stopped us The first book by Physical Goods under the 24MEDIA brand Exclusively at Public

The story that changed sport in Greece

In the context of its constant growth and expansion of its activities, 24MEDIA  introduces its new business unit, Physical Goods, by which it is targeting the sector of premium publishing of books and more. The first book to be published is by the well-known journalist Giannis Fileris, is entitled ’87 – Nothing stopped us, and is to be published in collaboration with Public Bookstores.

On the 30th anniversary of the Eurobasket – a milestone of the 80s and for Greek sporting history and not only – Giannis Fileris has made a compilation of the most powerful memories by the protagonists and heroes of Greek basketball and invites us to relive the moments that touched the entire country and made everyone proud.

Stavros Drakoularakos, CEO of 24MEDIA stated: “The 24MEDIA Group continues to grow, by investing in print publishing through the creation of Physical Goods. On the occasion of the 30-year anniversary of the ’87 Eurobasket, we have selected the book “’87 – Nothing stopped us”, by the renowned journalist Giannis  Fileris, as our first publication. By means of our new venture we are introducing the Group’s involvement in print publishing and aiming to produce high-quality primary content”.

A book by Physical Goods,  under the 24MEDIA brand
Exclusively at Public in first place for May with over 5,000,000 unique browsers

The Number 1 digital sports destination,, has received a record number of visitors for May, reaching 5,009,44  unique browsers, the largest number in its history and breaking the 5,000,000 barrier for the first time. The Greek public has maintained at the top of the list of Greek sports websites, with 80,549,017 pageviews, mainly for updates on the EuroLeague Basketball matches and the Superleague football matches which covered fully and accurately.

Manos Mihalos, Director of Content for 24MEDIA stated: “In May, broke every previous record with 5,000,000 unique browsers, whilst reaching 500,000 fans on its official Facebook page. The trust shown by the public in’s reporting team comes as a reward for the hard work they put into covering all sporting events. It was a particularly demanding month for sports news and has yet again shown that it is the first choice of those who desire quality sporting content.”

The seminar “The Art & Science of Negotiation” by Harvard University Professor, Linda Kaboolian, has reached full capacity

The public has shown great interest in the three-day negotiation seminar to be held by Athens Tech College, the leading technology college, from the 9th to the 11th of June at its facilities, since within just three weeks all available places for the seminar have been sold out.

With Ms Linda Kaboolian, University Professor of the Harvard Law School, as guest speaker, the three-day seminar is expected to initiate participants in the art of negotiation through theory and various techniques, whilst they will also gain insight into the secrets of negotiations pertaining to a wide range of issues, making it ideal for organizations, companies and executives by preparing them to handle difficult negotiations event in periods of crisis.

The schedule focuses on a series of interactive techniques which offer a unique learning experience through simulation exercises and case-studies from the public and private sectors.

You can find more information here.

Media sponsors of the seminar are:


Game Changer in Sports held for a 2nd consecutive year

More than 20 speakers to attend the leading sports conference

30 May 2017, Hotel Grande Bretagne

Athletes who have brought glory to Greece in the history of world sports, such as Spyros Gianniotis Olympic silver medalist in swimming, but also the heroes of the 1987 Eurobasket, Panagiotis Giannakis, Panagiotis Fasoulas and Nikos Filippou, who will share their valuable experiences on the stage of the Game Changer in Sports conference which is being organized for a 2nd year.

Two of the most important talks of the conference are expected to be the one by Nick Monroe, Digital Communications Manager of the Milwaukee Bucks, who is going to present the successful communications strategy of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s team, as well as the talk by Kostas Katsouranis, European champion with the Greek National football team in 2004, former international player with Panathinaikos and AEK and current manager of Panachaiki.

Moreover, Giorgos K. Stratos, President of the Super League will answer questions pertaining to the growth path to be followed by the Federation in the coming years.

The new trends in sport will be presented to the audience by leading sector representatives such as Peter Weber, CEO of IRIS (Intelligent Research in Sponsorship), Dimitris Papazoglou, Designer & Creative Director, Andrea Valadé, Nielsen Sports Leader, Business Development Europe, for Nielsen,  Evaggelos Karapetsas, Co-founder & Creative Director of Another Circus, but also the top basketball coach Miodrag Raznatovic, President & and CEO of BeoBasket.

The conference will be opened by: Giorgos Vasiliadis, Deputy Sports and Culture Minister, Vasilis Kikilias, MP, Press Representative for New Democracy.

The conference is organized by 24MEDIA the largest digital media network in Greece, in cooperation with the strategic communication company Symeon G. Tsomokos S.A.

Grand Sponsor of the event is STOIXIMAN.GR

The conference is supported by: Eurobank, Globe One Digital, Iris (Intelligence Research in Sponsorship), Sportradar.

The official carrier of the event is AEGEAN.

Communication sponsors for the event are Direction Business Network with Adbusiness,, Also, Sport24 and Sport24 Radio 103,3, as well as the magazine All Star Basket.

Additional information on the conference and on how to participate can be found at



24/7 – Radio once again

24 hours - 7 days a week

The program of 24MEDIA’s new informative radio station, which is already live on 88.6 FM, is expected to “revive” radio and establish it “once again” into our daily lives.

News and current affairs from Greece and abroad, on politics, finance, culture, and sport, read by individuals with experience, knowledge and love for the radio constitute a new information and entertainment landscape.

A radio that is multi-purpose, extroverted and eclectic, with a modern outlook. A radio for a demanding yet sensitive audience.

24 / 7 – Radio once again
24 hours - 7 days a week
On 88,6!
From 22 May

News24/7 media sponsor for the 4th Annual Economic Forum of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association


Through its current news brand, News24/7, 24MEDIA is supporting communication of the 4th Annual Economic Forum of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association entitled “Investing in the Future: The Private Sector’s Bid for Economic Recovery

The Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (ΕΕΝΕ), which is completing 30 years of active presence and action in Greece, is organizing the 4th Annual Economic Forum, on Monday 22 May at the King George hotel in Syntagma. The said event shall be realized in collaboration with the London School of Economics and the Hellenic Observatory of the European Institute.

The conference will be opened with talks by Dr. Vasilis Apostolopoulos, President of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association and Mr. Christian Hadjiminas, A’ Vice-president of the  Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association. Some of the speakers include Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, Minister of State & Government Spokesman, Panos Kammenos, Minister of National Defense, President of “Independent Greeks” party, Evangelos Venizelos,  Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs (2013-2015) and Stergios Pitsiorlas, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy & Development.

Mr. Dimitris Maris, President of the Greek Online Publishers Association, President of 24MEDIA, will speak in a panel discussion entitled ”Growth Allies: Investments, Funding & and restructuring entrepreneurship”.