2019 New Year Party for 24MEDIA family

IMG_6213_small final.jpg

In a night full of good temper, awards, gifts and of course, the pie cutting, 24MEDIA officially celebrated New Year at the Grand Hyatt Athens hotel, on Monday 18th of February. The Parthenon Hall was decorated with the lights of the largest digital publisher and 24MEDIA employees exchanged wishes before continuing its dynamic journey the upcoming year.

Mr. Dimitris Maris, Owner and President of 24MEDIA and Mr. Nikolas Pefanis, CEO, attended the event as well as other members of the management team, close associates and the staff of the group.

Mr. Dimitris Maris welcomed with a polite greeting and stated that "2019 will be a creative year full of new challenges and opportunities. We continue stronger than ever, always faithful to our own growth and development plan."

Mr. Nikolas Pefanis, CEO of 24MEDIA, made a brief statement of the past activities of 2018, stating that although last year was quite demanding it was also productive and welcomed the new year with optimism.

During the event, the award ceremony took place by awarding the favorite journalistic article and radio show of NEWS 24/7, SPORT24, CONTRA, ONEMAN, LADYLIKE, HUFFPOST GREECE, Sport24 Radio 103.3fm and News 24/7 Radio 88.6fm. Following, 30 lucky winners were selected through prize draw and won unique gifts.

The event was supported by Beverage World, Vibes Professional, while it could not have been so beautiful without the exceptional hospitality of the Grand Hyatt Athens hotel.