Voluntary blood donation from 24MEDIA and “Evangelismos” Hospital


24MEDIA in collaboration with “Evangelismos” General Hospital, organised for the 3rd consecutive year, voluntary blood donation, with the purpose of collecting as many blood units as possible in order to aid the difficult incidents the hospital faces daily.

The collection of blood units took place at 24MEDIA offices by the specialized team of “Evangelismos” General Hospital and after the necessary measures for the blood donation process were secured. 24MEDIA employees responsiveness was extremely high, showing their social awareness.

Additionally, “ORAMA ELPIDAS” Association informed 24MEDIA employees about bone marrow donation, while those who were interested in becoming donors, gave DNA samples in order to get registered in the global volunteer bank.

Panos Velachoutakos, HR Manager of 24MEDIA stated: “The voluntary blood donation and the information about bone marrow donation follow the company's CSR actions. The staff’s high responsiveness and their social awareness make us particularly happy and motivates to continue with even more similar actions".