24MEDIA on a mission to Uganda together with ActionAid Hellas

In the context of 24MEDIA’s social awareness campaign, a 5-day trip to Uganda took place with the aim of supporting the work of ActionAid Hellas. During the trip 45 foster parents, including 24MEDIA’s Christos Chatziioannou and the photographer Nikolas Mastoras, were responsible for completing the project that had been started last year by ActionAid Hellas in the area, and involved the support of the community’s educational institutions.

In order to record the participation of 24MEDIA in the ActionAid Hellas mission, a daily reporting blog was set up on Oneman.gr, under the category “Tales from Uganda”, with the aim of sharing with the Greek public the extensive work by ActionAid in the area as well as the way of life of the people of this African country through a series of articles and photographs. 24MEDIA’S support towards ActionAid Hellas, doesnot stop here since further content is to be created throughout the Group’s network and there is to be participation in future initiatives too.

Christos Chatziioannou, Head of Native & Branded Content for 24MEDIA stated “Our role is to support and make known the invaluable work offered by Action Aid all over the world. The specific mission was literally a life-changing experience for all the foster parents who found ourselves at the village of Galagala. The content we are producing as a result of the trip is our way of saying thank you to ActionAidd Hellas so that their action may find support from even more members of our society".