Stavros Drakoularakos, CEO of new technology and investment firm

Stavros Drakoularakos photo 2.jpg

Dimitris Maris’ business group announces the foundation of a firm that is to assume the responsibility of the entirety of the group’s business strategy, with emphasis on the entrepreneur’s technological and investment activities.
As of 01/02/2018 Mr. Stavros Drakoularakos will lead this new endeavor. Having been appointed to a series of positions of responsibility since the establishment of 24MEDIA and with a successful track record as CEO, Mr. Drakoularakos shall be in charge of the new entity which constitutes  the cumulation of the company’s growth and development initiatives during the last five years.
“Our aim is to further enhance our activities, to develop new ones and to create synergies. We are  extremely happy that Stavros Drakoularakos will be taking on this role” stated the President of the company’s BoD, Dimitris Maris.
The incoming CEO of 24MEDIA shall be announced shortly.