Photography Exhibition "Tales from Uganda"

The Cycladic Art Museum is to host a photography exhibition entitled “Tales from Uganda”, a collaboration between 24MEDIA, ActionAid Hellas and the photographer Nikolas Mastoras, documenting the solidarity trip organized by ActionAid Hellas to Uganda, with the participation of 45 Greek and Cypriot Child Sponsors. During the trip ActionAid Hellas contributed to a substantial infrastructure project in the village Galagala in northern Uganda.

tales from uganda pic 900x600.png

24MEDIA supported the work by ActionAid Hellas through the creation of a daily reporting blog on under the category "Tales from Uganda", kept and updated by Christos Chatziioannou who also took part in the trip. The aim was to communicate to the Greek public the extensive involvement of ActionAid in the region as well as the way of life of the residents of the African nation. The photographer Nikolas Mastoras who was also a member of the expedition, captured unique moments from the trip, creating a series for stunning portraits which are also the theme of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be open for the public from the 6th to the 9th of December. Visitors are invited to witness the unique experiences from the solidarity trip to Uganda and at the same time to support the work of ActionAid Hellas by purchasing the portraits via a donation to the charity.