On the occasion of the completion of one year since the major political change effected on the 25th January 2015, NEWS247 has initiated an ideological and political dialogue on the future of the Left.

The aim was not only to assess all that has transpired during the past year, but also to instigate a discussion about the present and future of the Left, which is now governing the country and implementing the memorandum: The Left after its first time in power

The public platform offered by NEWS247 attracted the participation of:

The Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Mr. Christos Spirtzis, the SYRIZA party secretary Mr. Panos Rigas, the former head of the DIMAR party Mr Fotis Kouvelis, the former SYRIZA party secretary Mr. Tasos Koronakis, the former MP Ms. Iro Dioti, the Minister of Justice Mr. Nikos Paraskevopoulos, the SYRIZA representative Ms. Rania Svigou, the director of SYRIZA’s Parliamentary Group Mr. Kostas Zachariadis and the Attica Prefectural Counselor Ms. Despoina Koutsoumpa.

This initiative by NEWS247 has proved that the internet has much more to offer to political dialogue and awareness than simply rapid information on current affairs. The popular news site has yet again demonstrated its dynamic and information-oriented identity and has shown that ideological and political processes regarding the future, which used to be the privilege of “traditional media”, can be successfully transferred to the internet. This was achieved by the active contribution of its readers, who shared the discussion on social networking sites.

Mr. Manos Chorianopoulos, Editor-in-Chief of NEWS247, stated:
“NEWS247 managed to achieve a dialogue that was independent of any political party lines. We hope to have given an impetus to public discussion without limiting ourselves to issues of daily administration but focusing on deeper questions which are set to determine the politics and the future of this country and its citizens”.