The new program of station SPORT24 Radio 103.3 has just completed 2 months on air and listeners can’t seem to get enough of it! They spend more than 2 hours every day listening to SPORT24 Radio 103.3, to their favorite producers and experienced sports reporters and are always the first to learn of new sporting developments and can listen to live broadcasts of the greatest sporting events.

More specifically, from 19th October to 15th November average listening time for SPORT24 Radio reached 143.1 minutes putting the station in the top spot for average listening time, out of all radio stations in Attica.

SPORT24 Radio 103.3, plays loudly, moves ahead dynamically and sets even higher goals, respectfully investing in the most significant success factor, which is the trust and loyalty of its listeners.

Pantelis Diamantopoulos, SPORT24 Radio Program Director stated:
“We are extremely pleased with these results since the strength of every great radio station is its loyal listeners, the same way loyal fans are a great team’s strength. We are overjoyed to be at the top of the relevant list for all radio stations, with a large number of listeners who want to listen exclusively to us. Since we are a station that has only been playing loudly for ten months, this achievement maximizes our success and intensifies our appetite for even greater records. The road is long and uphill but with so many fanatic listeners on our side, we have nothing to fear.”

The SPORT24 Radio 103.3 renewed program tunes in!