Five and a half years after its first day of operation, Olapaok.gr continues to be renewed with the sole purpose of offering fuller content concerning PAOK in football and basketball as well as other sports depending on current sporting news.

The popular destination for PAOK fans is being re-defined and evolved into a contemporary news aggregator, hosting on a daily basis the most important news and issues concerning PAOK and all its different divisions. With the sporting websites SPORT 24 and Contra and InPaok as its sources as well as various news stories and articles, it offers reliable, multi-themed information.

The website will collaborate with the correspondents Kostas  Petrotos and Nikos Dragolias, who for years have constituted a successful team, whilst also featuring prominent articles from affiliated sites, so that readers can receive information from multiple sources. 

Manos Michalos, 24MEDIA Content Director stated: 
“In the context of its continuous growth and the development of its brands, 24MEDIA has concluded the redesign of its fanzines with the change in the layout of Olapaok.gr. With the purpose of constantly seeking high quality digital content, the PAOK fans’ “hangout” makes a comeback with a renewed look, independent and free of fanaticism. Loyal to its readers’ expectations, it is already the favorite habit of thousands of people who feel that PAOK is a part of their lives.