Up to 300 million ad impressions to be provided per month, in all formats.

24MEDIA is entering the programmatic trading area, in accordance to international trends which highlight this new practice as a basic lever for the further development of digital advertising. 24MEDIA becomes the first Group in Greece to provide this service to partners and customers, offering as of 1st of August inventory ranging from 100 to 300 million ad impressions per month, depending on market demand. This advertising space refers to all IAB international main formats and media agencies have begun to be informed about the specific commercial context and additional terms. 24MEDIA will use ADTECH’s marketplace platform, an innovative technological solution that, as it was created by a global publisher, is highly suitable to publishers’ needs. At the same time, its video extension, the adap.TV platform, is considered to be an extremely innovative service in the fast growing area of online video advertising.

Additionally, the audience targeting platform of Nugg.Ad, which 24MEDIA is already offering to its customers for all its brands, will be used for audience targeting with demographics and behavioral/consumer criteria.

"We are very glad that we are continuing to evolve, while moving on a dynamic path of constant innovation and we are eagerly expecting the market’s response, in order for programmatic trading to kick start its presence in Greece, bringing the Greek market closer to international digital standards. We are sure that in addition to the ADTECH solution in ad serving, the programmatic trading platform will prove to be equally strong and effective" stated Fragiskos Monogios, Deputy CEO & Commercial Director of 24MEDIA.