The awards regard to cross platform content, native advertising and audience targeting.

24MEDIA was the only Media Group to win three gold awards during the ceremony of the Digital Media Awards 2014.

Specifically, SPORT24 won the Gold Award in the category of Cross Platform Content (Web, Mobile, App, and Samsung SmartTV), while ONEMAN, the first digital male brand in Greece, won the Gold Award in the category of Native Advertising/Content Marketing. Finally, the Gold Award in the category of Best Innovative Service for advertisers was awarded to the advanced audience targeting service offered by 24MEDIA, in partnership with, Europe’s audience experts. 

24MEDIA is the largest Digital Media Group in Greece (audience traffic source: ENED / AT Internet & OJD), with brands like NEWS247, SPORT24, ONEMAN, CONTRA, COSMO, TECHGEAR, DELTIOKAIROU and with international brands, such as NBA, DAILYMOTION and EUROLEAGUE.