SPORT24 has created a new section and content template, for a better and more relaxing user reading experience. The best analyses and opinions articles are to be found on this new version., the leading and most successful sports website, is the absolute FrontPage of sports news in Greece. With live coverage of all sport events, everyday information and a significant presence on all platforms, both on web and mobile, SPORT24 fans have the chance to be daily informed on everything that happens in the world of sports, locally and internationally.

Today, SPORT24 launches a new presentation of its content, aiming to offer a better and more accurate view of the articles that represent the best in longform content and quality journalism. With an exceptionally clear layout, which makes reading easier, and with advertising positions adapted to this, Longform, is the section, in which the best analyses and opinion articles will be hosted from selected journalists of

This new form of content can be found on web, mobile editions and the mobile App of SPORT24.