24MEDIA supports SOS Children's Villages

The purpose of SOS children’s Villages is to help children who are in need of care because they have lost their parents or are homeless for any other reasons.

In view of Christmas holidays, SOS Children's Villages asked everyone to support them in collecting food, clothes and toys.

24MEDIA and its employees responded to this call and collected a total of 14 large boxes , of which four were filled with food and ten with clothes, shoes and toys. Moreover, 24MEDIA, sent an Xbox 360,to the SOS Children's Village in Vari.

People from SOS Children's Villages thanked  24MEDIA for their effort in gathering the above mentioned. They also stated that they have never seen such quality in clothing, shoes and toys like the ones that were donated.

The biggest satisfaction for 24MEDIA and its employers is the fact that they gave children the opportunity to smile at the opening of a gift.